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Whether you are thinking about teaching on OraDMT, just getting started, or a seasoned pro, you've come to the right place! We’re thrilled to work with thousands of teachers from around the world who are bringing their creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm to the OraDMT community through teaching. Follow this page to get notified of teacher discussions, new resources, and teacher tips!

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Frequently Asked Questions

OraDMT is an online and Off-line learning community for classes within creativity, the arts, design, freelance, lifestyle, and productivity. There is a lot of room for unique and specific skills and expression, but some topics are off-limits on OraDMT 

OraDMT teachers are working professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. Once you've applied and are approved to teach, you can publish a class at any time as long as it meets our Class Guidelines. There is no cost to publishing a class.

Once you've applied and are approved to teach, you can publish your class at any time through our class upload tool. All new classes are reviewed by the OraDMT team to ensure they meet our guidelines.

OraDMT operates on a membership model, so your class will have a built-in audience from the start. We also have tons of tips to help you promote your class to your own community to help you maximize your success.

OraDMT classes include a combination of video lessons and a class project. All online classes are pre-recorded and average 30-40 minutes in total length. The class project is a short assignment that helps members put their new skills into action.

Yes! We offer resources like our Teacher Help Center and a class all about how to plan, produce and promote an engaging OraDMT class. We also provide hands-on support through our teacher programs, and are available for any questions at info@oradmt.com

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